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Ford to add 5,000 US jobs plus 3 plants and 23 vehicles globally

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16 of the 23 new launches will be for the North American market.

2014 is shaping up to be a big year for Ford Motor Company, as it’s announced an onslaught of 2…

Ford board pushing Mulally for decision amidst fears story is drowning out other news

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Automakers and their executives rarely like to divulge information regarding future goings on, but the board of directors at Ford sound like they’re getting a little antsy about chief executive officer Alan M…

Mulally to stay at Ford through end of 2014 at least

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Alan Mulally isn’t going anywhere… at least not just yet. The CEO who helped turn around Ford Motor Company has been linked to the top job at tech behemoth Microsoft, leading to a flurry of rumors about pot…

Ford’s Mulally makes shortlist for Microsoft CEO

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Ford CEO Alan Mulally has made the short list to take over tech giant Microsoft, lending further credence to rumors that the 68-year-old former Boeing exec would ditch Dearborn and move to Redmond.

The repor…

J Mays retiring from Ford design, succeeded by Moray Callum

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Ford’s highly influential head of design, J Mays, has announced that he’ll be retiring from his position after 33 years in the industry, 16 of which were at the Dearborn, MI-based company. Upon …

Why Ford’s Alan Mulally would be right for Microsoft, or any company [UPDATE]

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That Mulally was seriously being considered says a great deal about Microsoft and Mulally.

It appears that the chatter about Ford CEO Alan Mulally possibly leaving early to take over as CEO of…

Amid Mulally rumors, Bill Ford praises company’s deep bench

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Bill Ford went on the offensive to combat the rumors that CEO Alan Mulally would leave Dearborn for Steve Ballmer’s vacated position leading Microsoft, adding that even if the 68-year-old, former Boeing exec …

Ford board OK with Mulally stepping down earlier

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Ford’s board is open to CEO Alan Mulally stepping down before his planned departure in 2014, inside sources are telling Reuters. Ford’s plan of succession, aside from who would be his actual successor, has be…

Renault COO Tavares dreams of running GM or Ford

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What do you do if you’re in a job with no upward mobility? Admittedly, most of us just stick it out while secretly hoping our boss is sacked for all those paperclips he’s been swiping, netting us…

Ford adds third shift at F-150 plant to keep up with demand

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The signs have been very positive for Ford’s F-Series line of pickup trucks as of late, and after 24 consecutive months of increasing sales of the best-selling F-150, the au…

Ford hiring 800 more salaried workers than originally expected

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Ford is on a roll this year, with excellent quarterly earnings and better-than-expected vehicle sales leading to 800 more job opportunities with the Blue Oval. In January, Ford announced that it wanted to hir…

Ford Australia to kill off FPV by 2014 in advance of Mustang return

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Ford seems to be having a good time yanking our friends in Australia about. First, there was the news that after 90 years, the Blue Oval would be ending Australian production, effectiv…

Ford family keeps special voting rights

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Ford Motor Company has a dual-class stock structure of Class A and Class B shares. The roughly three billion Class A shares are for the general public like you and me, while the roughly 71 million Class…

Ford to add more than 2,000 jobs in Kansas City

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Continued high demand for the Ford F-150, along with the addition of the all-new Transit series of commercial vehicles, has led Ford to ann…