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Project Ugly Horse: Part VII

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Devils, Details and Weight Reduction

Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft

There are many things I could call this exercise. A party is not one of them.

I’ve spent three days crammed in the axle well of this 1989 Mustang with nothing to keep me company beyond a trouble light, a DeWalt drill on the very last of its legs and billion razor sharp, red hot slivers of metal with an affinity for my most sensitive of regions. My joints are raw from crawling around on the concrete. I’m half deaf from the shriek of the spot weld cutter and the boom of the cold chisel and hammer.

There are many things I could call this exercise. A party is not one of them. You see, after test-fitting the independent rear suspension from a 2004 Mustang Cobra into the old Fox Body I was left with the really challenging portion of the install: the details.

Technically, I could have simply plumbed some brake lines, said, “screw the emergency brake,” dropped in a driveshaft and rolled, but I want this car to function in all the ways a road machine should, while still being able turn a decent lap on a road course. Combine that desire with a compulsion to scrape every ounce of unnecessary weight from the Mustang, and the result is me doing my best impression of a hammer-wielding Quasimodo, contorted into the void where the rear suspension should be.

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